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GIO Enclosed Mobility Scooter

The look and comfort of a car with the freedom and flexibility of mobility scooter. Stay dry and have ample room for cargo or a passenger with the rear bench.

  • 24km/h (15MPH) Top Speed
  • 50km (30 Mile) Range
  • 17° Slope Rating
  • 227kg (500 lbs) Capacity
  • Heat and Fan
  • Media Center / Radio & Backup Camera
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GIO Titan - Premium

Inspired by motorcycle styling & designed in Canada, the Titan Premium brings upgraded parts and features and to our most popular model to date, the GIO Titan.

  • 3 Wheel Design
  • 25km/h (15MPH) Top Speed
  • 50km (30mile) Range
  • 25° Slope Rating
  • 200kg (440 lbs) Capacity
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GIO Tron w/ Smart Seat

This unique 4 wheeled scooter features an adjustable steering column & adaptive seat design for a highly custom riding postion.

  • 4 Wheel Design
  • 22km/h Top Speed
  • 50km (30 Mile) Range
  • 15° Slope Rating
  • 150 kg (330 lbs) Capacity
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GIO Tetris - Easy Operation

Designed with less complex controls and more easily operated throttle the Tetris is a great choice for those with extra limitations

  • 15km/h (9MPH) Top Speed
  • 50km (30 Mile) Range
  • Delta Style Tiller
  • Forward/Reverse Lever w/ Electric Braking
  • 15° Slope Rating
  • 140kg (308 lbs) Capacity
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Why choose GIO?

- Canadian Designed Quality Electric Scooters -

Based in Vancouver, each GIO scooter is designed with care and refined with feedback directly from customers.

- Dedicated to Affordability -

Don't over pay for similar scooters at higher prices. Shop direct with GIO for the best prices

- Experienced Support Team -

No scripted conversations, or foreign call centers. Our US/Canada based team features people with hands on experience with all our products to make answering questions or technical advice a breeze.


Don’t pay $4000+ for traditional medical scooters. They are awkward looking and uninspiring (like a wheelchair or a medical device). They are unstable, and they have limited capacity. GIOs are durable, loaded with bigger storage, bigger wheels and look great. Also they do not require license, insurance, or registration in most places.


Each GIO scooter comes 90-95% assembled. Upon arrival simply remove your scooter from its crate, finish the final steps, like mirror installation, and give it its first charge. Final steps vary by model, see product manuals for full assembly details.


All mobility scooters include a 1 year parts warranty that starts from the day your scooter arrives. The warranty protects your scooter from parts failure, defects or manufacturing errors with replacement parts shipped free of charge.

Please note: warranties do not include servicing or labor for part replacement. Warranties also do not protect scooters from issues related to accidental damage, incorrect assembly, improper care, or general wear and tear items, such as tires.


Have a question about your scooters operation or need some technical advice. Call us at 1-855-907-4211.

Need a part? Check out the full selection in our parts section.


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