Designed in Canada. GIO mobility scooters impress everywhere they go. Up to 50km in a single charge. Large load capacities. No license needed. Shop in malls. Enjoy park riding.

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GIO Electric is proudly owned by GVA Brands Corporation, a Canadian company. For the past 15 years, we have been building powersports for 20000+ happy families and friends.  We believe micromobility is a fun and essential way to enable transportation.
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Half the cost. Double the features.

Ride it everywhere. By yourself. Without assistance.

Zero carbon emission.

Totally green.
Easy Assembly.
Dedicated customer support.
GIO mobility scooters comes 95% pre-assembled. (60% for GIO Element) Our in-depth illustrated instruction manuals and videos make assembly a breeze. And if you need extra help, our dedicated customer support is one call or click away.
12-month limited warranty
When you buy directly from our website, your new GIO mobility scooter will be automatically covered by a 12-month limited warranty (wear/tear items not included).

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Go anywhere yourself. Go Green. Go safe. Go in style.

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