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I LOVE my new scooter!! It was a painless delivery.I am very happy I chose Gio!! 10 stars!!

- Ronda H

Titan Owner

I got my Tron last month. Love it, love it, love it! Highly recommended!!

- Adam J.

Tron Owner

I got a Titan scooter last year, it's awesome! When I was riding in walk side, I found the scooter to be very maneuverable and fast, able to stop on a dime

- Ken P.

Tron Owner

- Patrick C.

Titan Owner

Definitely not a scam! I'm glad I got it!

Tron Owner
Titan Owner

GIO Tron Features

Wheel Operation 4-wheel operation with a wheelie bar
Battery 60V 20AH lead acid
Motor 600w motor with reverse
Speed Up to 25km/hr
Max Range Travel up to 30 miles (50km) on a full charge
Load Capacity 330lbs (140kg)
Driving positions 4 driving positions
Charge Time 6-8 hours
Brakes Front Cable Drum & Rear Hydraulic Disc
Tires 10 x 3.00 Tubeless Tires
Product Dimensions (L x W x H) 62" x 28" x 51"
Dry Weight 335lbs
Wheelbase 41"
Ground Clearance 4.75"
Max Incline 15°

Each GIO Tron is built with safety in mind

GIO Tron

Other Mobility Scooters

Nursing Scooters

LED Turn Signals

4 Riding Positions

Adjustable seat

Reclining Back

Front and back lights with high and low beam for visibility

Plenty of Storage Space

Neck Support

Anti Tip Protection

4-wheel Operation

Need a little cover?

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Storage & strength

Travel for a whole day in a single charge.

Equipped with features that put safety and convenience first

Call our support team.

We are always here to help.

Here's what our customers have to say about GIO Tron


GIO Tron is much more stable and safe than any other 3-wheel mobility scooters. I had multiple 3-wheel operating mobility scooters in the past and they are nowhere near as safe and reliable as Tron.


I'm using this scooter to get groceries or to just have a ride in the park. Because this mobility scooter has so much storage space, it made my life way easier as I don't need to bring additional bags with me anymore.


I'm a pretty big man and usual mobility scooters were not comfortable for me, however GIO Tron fixed all the issues I had. Smart seat and neck support is the best feature for me. I enjoy riding for a long distance and with GIO Tron I can finally do it.


The riding distance and it's features, what made me to buy GIO Tron. I can't seat in one position as my muscles are getting and 4-seating positions feature come in handy as now I can change my riding postions as much as I want. I bought it with additional rain cover as well, super useful!


I have driven it for a year with 1000km on it without a single issue. Great product for it's price!


The neck support feature of this mobility scooter is priceless. I was driving on my old mobility scooter for long period of time and my neck was killing me, now with the neck support that GIO Tron is offerering I never had a neck issue.

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